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Practice Areas

Financial Planning

Life can be pretty hectic at times, and it's hard enough to stay on top of everything you have to do on a daily basis. That being said, the thought of planning for college, retirement, or even for your legacy when you are no longer here can seem like a lot to take on. Not to mention, it's tough to even know what to do. Unfortunately, this is why often times these things get put off until it becomes an issue, and then it's too late. Let us take this burden off of your shoulders, and put together a solid plan for your future. Our plans are tailored to provide you with what you need, and help you achieve what you want. Depending on your situation, a financial plan can be very detailed and complex, or it can be relatively simple. The bottom line is that you have a plan.

Our plans include:

-college planning 

-asset protection

-wealth management

-retirement income planning

-social security maximization

-estate planning

-special needs planning

*This service is for a flat fee, which is determined upon assessment of your situation. Contact us for an appointment. 

Wealth Management

The word "wealth" to most people implies having a lot of money. However, wealth is completely relative. It doesn't matter if you have a little money, or a lot of money, it has the same level of importance to your life. We treat everyone we meet the same, with that simple fact in mind. This is why we don't have any account minimums for our wealth management platform like a lot of the big firms do. Our main focus is solely to make you money, whatever the amount may be.

We utilize a wrap fee based platform for a couple of reasons. The first being, it makes sure that everyone involved is on the same side of the table. Our income as your advisor is directly correlated with how well your account is doing. Since our fee is a percentage of the value of your account, you can rest assured that we only want your account to increase. This incentivizes us to only make investment decisions that benefit the performance of your account. Traditional brokers who operate on a commission per transaction basis don't have this same incentive, because they get paid the same amount each trade they make regardless of their performance. The second reason being, depending on the size of your account and level of trading activity, you could experience a long term cost savings in management fees. 

Each client is unique and has their own objective, and level of risk that they are comfortable with. We have portfolios for every risk tolerance. Also, we will work with you to create a customized strategy if there is a specific goal, or investment interest outside the scope of our main portfolio options. All of these portfolios have the same objective, which is to outperform their benchmark. We look at the major broad indices to gauge how well the market is performing as a whole, and use these to set benchmarks for performance. We don't promise huge, unrealistic returns, we strive to consistently beat the market year over year. 

*This service is for a fixed annual percentage of assets under management, which is determined upon portfolio selection. Contact us for an appointment. 

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